Chalkology Paste is a trade secret formulation that is non-toxic and so fun to work with.  

Paste behaves like chalk in a lot of ways, such as being washable, but ultimately can do so much more.  

Paste goes on wet and dries hard allowing you to showcase your work without worry of smudging or wiping off. 

It is seriously the staple of amazingly easy, high-end home decor. 


Wait - there's a difference? Yep! There is! 

Ink is perfect for projects like t-shirts, aprons, tea towels, pillowcases, and so much more. 

Don't be fooled - it's not limited to fabrics.  Ink is stunningly beautiful when used on glass, ceramics, and metal too!

When ink is heat set appropriately it is permanent.  Wash and reuse those super cute wine glasses, throw the pillowcases in the wash - your art will still be there, I promise!



You will hear me talk about how I love like everything - and I promise you I do.  But the transfers - oh the transfers - this is by far my favorite offering in the project family.  Think of a transfer like a sticky stencil - but this is where it gets SO MUCH BETTER than that - transfers are made with silkscreen material that perfectly tempers the right amount of paste/ink onto your surface.  And they're the perfect thickness so that there is a tight adhesion and no bleed on your project.  SAY WHAT?! 

Oh - and they're reusable.  When you're done, just wash them with warm water and let them air dry flat {{sticky side up}} and they'll be good as new.  I know - it's freaking awesome! 


Chalk makes it sound like all we do is work with chalkboards - but that seriously could not be further from the truth.  The surfaces are top of the line quality and made to work perfectly with the other product categories.  Whether you're looking for a new set of pillowcases, a super chic burlap board, or a rustic farmhouse box frame look - you're covered. 


Every DIY'er knows that the right tools make all the difference.  A project can go south REAL QUICK if you don't have what you need.  These tools are made to fit perfectly with  the other products to produce a no fuss, no stress way to create.  You've got everything you need at your finger tips including squeegees,  water misters, scissors, and my fav - the self-healing work mat!