Nicole Metzel

I really think it's important to share my journey with you, so that you can understand how I became the leader that I am. I started my network marketing journey over 10 years ago with a company that is still in business today.  I was just out of college, scraping by at an entry level job, and a consultant had promised me that all I had to do was sign on the dotted line and voila, I would be a millionaire.  It sounded too good to be true, because it was, but being a young, and desperately broke, woman I decided to do it.  

I hated my day job.  Actually, hated is an understatement.  I LOATHED my day job.  I thought that I was stuck though.  I thought that's how life was - go to college - get crappy entry level job paying peanuts - work your fingers to the bone for 25 cent raises - rinse - repeat - and hopefully get a few promotions in there. 

For a lot of people that sounds like heaven.  To me though, it sounded MISERABLE.  And it was.  If the bright pink hair didn't already give it away, I am a really free spirit.  I like to work on my own terms, within my own schedule, and most importantly I want to feel valued and appreciated for my unique talents.

I didn't have that, and although I failed with my first company, I had a feeling in my gut that this industry was going to change my life if I could just figure out how to navigate it. 


I like to describe my journey with companies as a dating game.  I dated SEVERAL companies before I landed here.  Some of them I loved, some of them weren't a fit, each of them taught me something different about the business as a whole and more importantly, about who I am. 

At no point in my career did I have any sort of MASSIVE success.  You know the kind I mean - the kind where I was raking in more money than I knew what to do with - sipping cocktails on the beach - and living the "good life."  

My biggest team before now was 6 people.  I could sell - but I was exhausted.  I was running from home party to home party, expo to meeting to coffee date trying desperately to build that life though. 

By this point I was a newlywed with a family and I wanted the success, but I was also exhausted.  I worked 50-60 hours a week at my day job to pay the bills, then I was running around trying to build my business, then I had a house to clean, dinner to cook, and most importantly a family that HATED that I was never home.  There had to be a better way. 

Nicole Metzel
Nicole Metzel
Nicole Metzel
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In July 2017 I finally found the better way that I was looking for.  An opportunity that gave me flexibility, support, and the ability to build my business in a way that suited me.  While I was a little scared because of my past failures, I knew I couldn't pass up an opportunity like this.   

Since then, I built a team of over 3,500 AMAZING humans, reached the top of our compensation plan, and learned a whole lot about myself. I also learned a lot about how to help others find the success they dream about in a way that fits their wants and needs. 

So what's it like to actually work with me?  What kind of leader am I?

  1. I am a straight shooter - one of my biggest frustrations was being sold a bill of goods that was a bill of you know what.  I can help you meet your goals, but I will always be 100% honest with you about what that will take.  This business does require work - but it's so much fun you often forget that it's work. 

  2. I hold nothing back - I met so many leaders in my journey who kept their "secret sauce" to themselves.  That's not helpful to anyone.  I promise to share with you everything that I know - all of the things that I do in my business - and all of the strategies that I employ.  We win together and we lose together - there's nothing that I hold back in teaching you. 

  3. I am present - I really believe it's critically important for a leader to be available to their team.  I hold weekly team meetings, have a frontline exclusive chat, and am available to you at pretty much all hours unless I am sleeping.  I don't believe in silent leadership.  I want to be right in the trenches with you, building this together, and celebrating the milestones along the way. 

  4. I demand the most of myself - I will never coach you or advise you to do something that I won't or don't do myself.  I don't believe in "do as I say, not as I do."  That's silly.  I believe in leading by example.  Like I said before, I am in the trenches with you - so whatever you're doing - I am doing too.  

  5. I will always be eager to learn - A great leader, in my opinion, learns the most from their own people.  While I have learned a lot on my journey - I do not know everything, and I am not perfect.  The most exciting part for me is the relationship you and I are about to build and how much we will learn FROM EACH OTHER.  You have brilliant thoughts and ideas, and I cannot wait for you to share those with me and others so we can all learn.  Remember - WE WIN TOGETHER AND WE LOSE TOGETHER - we are #OneTeamOneDream